Benefits of having a dedicated Developer Team

Whether it’s a start-up or a midsized venture or large businesses, all of them face the challenge of providing world-class digital products or apps. For creating the products, the companies need to have a dedicated infrastructure such as IT infrastructure, dedicated development teams, delivery centers, and so on. If one is in technology as its core business, then a dedicated development team is required. If one has projects that need augmentation of the development team, it is better to outsource them. This will be commercially viable. Once the project is over, one will be left stranded with excess staffing and additional overhead costs.

Having a dedicated developer team, whether in-house or outsourced, has many benefits. Let us look at a few of the advantages that businesses can bank on.

Variety of skillsets

Hiring a team of dedicated developers for a particular project proves to be beneficial as one does not need full-time employees with general expertise. Different projects require different skill sets, and one accordingly outsources. One can hire developers with broader skills, expertise, knowledge, and solutions to develop the product. Every product requires a mix of developers, designers, product, and Quality Control Team leader, which can be used accordingly at different stages of product development. One can ramp up or downsize the team accordingly and save costs.

Better results

A dedicated team for a project has a focused approach with zero downtime and improve output. The expert team chosen can identify the problems upfront and have the solutions in the pipeline ready for faster implementation. Having a dedicated development team can mean one can scale up if additional work is required, such as Content Management, SEO marketing, etc.

Guarantee of performance

Selecting a dedicated developer team who has had similar project experience before helps in the overall productivity and results. One is assured of productivity right from the beginning, no hand-holding, and guaranteed results as per requirement. A dedicated team of specialists can deliver risk-free products in the required schedule.

Lower development cost

Hiring dedicated developers means eliminating the need to have full-time employees and the related costs associated with them. Also, one saves on the time on hiring or rehiring process in case recruitment goes wrong. Other onboarding and training costs are saved, office and additional infrastructure costs are avoided. The outsourcing of a dedicated team means faster off-take of a project, finishing as per deadline, no cost overrun, and overall lower development costs.

Focus on core activity

When one hires specialists for a project, the management does not have to worry about developing the product themselves. Instead, they can focus on their other activities like Marketing, Operations, Sales, Finance, etc. These are departing are equally crucial for the business.


Many tech businesses have different projects in their pipelines. Each one requires a dedicated team of specialists with different skill sets. Getting developer teams suited for different projects is like having your best playing eleven in a football match where the team is decided on various factors.

The approach is to have a team that is scalable or downsize able, are flexible, and adaptable. Having these attributes, one can be sure to get an efficient and successful result.