One of the most powerful eCommerce platforms of all time, Magento 2 is now used by one in every four businesses. It is undoubtedly a leading eCommerce platform these days where more than 200,000 online retailers are actively using it to power their digital venture.

Magento 2 is preferred as an eCommerce platform because it allows one to make a full-featured website easily. It is trusted by leading brands globally. Here we will list some of the benefits provided by Magento 2.

• Improved performance

The Magento 2 version, which is better than Magento 1, has an enhanced indexer, which provides better performance and speed when it comes to query. Merchant data such as price, catalogue data, stores, users are created using index tables. Updating them regularly helps to improve query performance. Magento 2 uses HTTP accelerator technology, Varnish Cache, which helps to cache requests easily.

• Better checkout process

The checkout process is the most important for any eCommerce website as it determines whether a sale is made or not. Many users abandon their shopping carts midway, and as per a survey done by Amazon and Walmart, it was reported that nearly 69% of the user abandon their shopping cart.

Why does the user abandon the shopping cart? The main reasons are

1. The website loads slowly for the checkout process.
2. Fewer payments option
3. Creating a new user account is cumbersome
4. Fewer shipping options

A user reaches the checkout stage only after they are convinced about a product. If the last step of closing the deal is not smooth and seamless, the user abandons the process. The research has shown that around 35% increase in conversion will happen if the checkout process is improved. Magento 2 software takes care of this checkout process. It is seen that their design has a 2-step checkout process only compared to the six-step process in its previous version.

• Mobile User friendly

With everyone having a smartphone with them nowadays and the availability of cheap data, users are making online transactions while on the go. Most businesses have now realized how crucial it is to have a mobile-friendly website. Magento 2 is mobile-friendly with a responsive design and interface and allows a faster checkout. Magento 2 allows one to create eCommerce websites that are supported by different devices. Magento helps in creating mobile-friendly apps. The easy-to-use apps help in increasing the conversation rate.

• Easy to upgrade

If one has an eCommerce website, then there will be a requirement for a continuous upgrade. Magento 2 makes upgrading easy. ECommerce websites need to upgrade regularly, or else they run security risks. Improving one platform by regularly providing security patches help businesses to remain secure. Releasing new versions such as Magento 2 makes the platform secure. When customers are assured that the website is secure, then it is found that more purchase transactions happen.

• Key integrations

The Magento 2 extensions allow a business to improve their features and functions of the website. It allows one to customize and personalize the eCommerce store. It provides payment gateways such as PayPal and Brain tree, which give customers payment options of their choice. This helps to enhance sales.


Magento 2 has many improved features that allow improved performance and scalability.